Because there’s just so many.

This is not a mommy-blog.  Yes, I am a mom, and yes, the struggle is REAL my friends.  But this is NOT a mom blog, so proceed with caution.  

If you’re looking for relationship advice, look further.  If you need inspiration for your living room decor, you’re in the wrong place.  And if you hope to stumble across some AH-mazing DIY crafts for the holidays, please pass go, collect your two-hundy, and move the fuck along.

Now, if you find humor in the day to day of this crazy life we’re all living, prefer to think outside the box (or rather, smash the box, I hate boxes!), and are generally sick of these perfect lifestyle blogs of perfect looking women, then I invite you to stay.  Hang out a while. Read something you like.  Hopefully laugh.  Because we’re in it together, day to day, and shit… you gotta acknowledge the craziness of it.